Service card Classic

Prerequisite for receiving a ServiceCard CLASSIC is the ServiceCard BASIC or PREMIUM. As soon as your unit is more than 10 years old, you automatically join the "Loyalty bonus" category and receive an annual increase in the discount on spare parts of 1 percentage point corresponding to the age of your unit. And it is not unusual for REICH units to reach the age of 30 or more and still perform their work reliably!

Overview of benefits:

  • Prevention instead of reaction
  • Stable value preservation of your unit, permanently high unit availability
  • Permanently stable processes without quality fluctuations
  • Fixed and therefore precisely calculated costs
  • Significant cost savings in comparison to emergency maintenance callouts
  • Documented maintenance history
  • Valuable information input from specialist advisors
  • Less work with full-service care
  • Risk minimisation and therefore higher insurance protection


  • Does REICH offer maintenance contracts? What do these include?
  • Which countries does REICH deliver to? Can I also have my unit services in my country?
  • In which languages is the unit documentation available?
  • How long is the warranty on my REICH unit? Is an extended warranty possible?
  • How quickly is the supply of spares from REICH?
  • What does the support look like in the critical start-up phase?
  • How extensive is the documentation? Is it written clearly?
  • How do I know which components are installed in my unit, so that if necessary I can order the correct spare parts?