The units of the AIRMASTER® UK series are totally multifunctional and therefore suitable for various applications. They are characterised by the highest performance and uncompromising quality – 100 % Made in Germany.

  • Highest air volumes
  • Short, energy-efficient processes
  • Maximum yield
  • Greatest possible consistency
  • Best product quality
  • High load capacity
  • Tightly welded chamber modules
  • Fully stainless steel 1.4301
  • Mineral full insulation
  • No uninsulated housing parts
  • Small width and height
  • Low-maintenance and reliable
  • Particular stability and service life
  • Made in Germany

The REICH AIRMASTER® UK is a genuine all-rounder and the classic from REICH. It works with vertical airflow and is perfect for hanging products and is also suitable for lying products with the loading capacity adapted. UK universal units can be supplied in all desired sizes from 1 to 14 trolleys with single or double-row entrance.

Its possible applications range from reddening, drying, hot and cold smoking, cooking, hot-air cooking and baking. If desired, the AIRMASTER® UK can be supplied with corresponding special equipment for maturing, climatic smoking or even high-temperature roasting and for cooling the cooked products.

Naturally there is integrated, fully-automatic CIP cleaning. Many available equipment options ensure that you can configure your unit precisely according to your specific requirements.


The design of the AIRMASTER® UK units is based on a modular kit system. Components such as controls, smoke generator and cleaning system can be arranged individually according to your desires or spatial requirements.

Depending on the unit size, the chamber housing of AIRMASTER® UK comprises one or more chamber modules. Each chamber module is very sturdy and is made of 100 % chromium-nickel steel, material no. 1.4301, and is welded to be smoke and steam-tight. Mineral full insulation (temperature-resistant up to + 650°C) protects against heat losses. Importance was attached to avoiding thermal bridges in the construction of the unit.

The top section of each chamber module contains the air preparation unit with ventilator, heat battery and optional cooling. The greatest advantage of this modular system compared to systems with a central unit is that each chamber trolley is supplied exactly the same with air, heat or cold energy and therefore absolute consistency is also ensured from trolley to trolley.

Added-value from modular design:

  Same results in all trolleys

  Tightly welded chamber modules

  Fully stainless steel 1.4301

  Mineral full insulation

  No uninsulated housing parts

  Small width and height

  Low-maintenance and reliable

  Particular stability and service life

The AIRMASTER® UK works with the proven vertical airflow principle. The air, which has been treated in the upper section, flows around the products from bottom to top. A newly developed blowing system guarantees that the products are treated consistently and in the shortest time in all positions of the chamber trolley. Compared to the competition, REICH systems work with particularly strong ventilators, thereby achieving more output and efficiency.

More output:

  Highest air volumes

  Short, energy-efficient processes

  Maximum yield

  Greatest possible consistency

  Best product quality

  High load capacity

  Process temperatures up to + 200 °C

Only high quality products from German brand manufacturers are used for all heavily used parts such as motors, ventilator impellers,valves, cylinders, etc. In this way we ensure that the highest quality and reliability are achieved in detail.

Each AIRMASTER® has a robust chamber floor. Packing with heavily loaded chamber trolleys is not a problem. In a special version, packing is also possible using forklifts. The floor construction is kept very flat and has a sloped entrance. The substructure of the chamber floor is reinforced in the direction of travel with strong U profiles.

All AIRMASTER® systems are fitted with one or more fully insulated, stable block doors, which are sealed against the chamber housing all the way around with a silicon seal. The door hinges are made entirely from chromium-nickel steel for the high demands of seal and long service life. The door stop can be fitted left or right as required.

For fresh air, exhaust and smoke flaps, tight-closing, metallic folding flaps or silicon rubber rotating flaps are used. These flaps have multifunctional positions for controlling the amount of the volume flows.

The systems can be fitted either with electric heating, steam heating, gas or oil-burner heating.

RecyclingSmokeCooler (RSC)

The RecyclingSmokeCooler is an external, high-performance cooling and moisture capture system, which is operated in bypass. With this additional module the unit is expanded with some decisive possible treatments:

  • Preconditions for the intake fresh air
  • Extremely effective dehumidifying in every process step, also during the smoker procedure
  • Cooling in any desired process step
  • Increase in drying performance and energy efficiency
  • Reproducible results independent of weather influences

The RecyclingSmokeCooler is far ahead of the usual internal cooling system on the market.

Transit design

The system's rear module is designed with a door portal and a sturdy block door, corresponding with the front side, to unload the trolley in hygiene areas. A display system on both sides of the chamber informs you about the current operating status.

Interlock system

Attached to the front module of the unit is a fully-insulated block door on solid stainless steel hinges combined with the newly-developed REICH interlock system. This system with its smart opening and locking mechanism automates numerous dehydrating and freezing processes whilst complying with international requirements for hygiene and food safety. With the transit version units, no unit can be entered from both sides at the same time. In this way, contamination of the goods can be avoided (separation of Low-Risk and High-Risk side). In addition, integrated eye-level signal lamps provide information on the current operating state of the unit.

High temperature version

An additional electric heating allows temperatures up to 200 °C.

Automatic door opening

The chamber door is automatically opened using a pneumatic cylinder before cooling (rinsing) or after the end of the program.

Cool rinse with optional fine atomisation (ECO-Boost)

The cooling rinse is made of high-quality chromium-nickel steel pipes and is fitted with special nozzles to cool the product consistently. Control of the shower is facilitated via a solenoid and can be run continuously or in intermittent mode. Fine atomisation of the cooling water using the ECO-Boost function reduces the cooling times by up to 30 % and reduces water consumption by 50 % at the same time.

Viewing window with chamber lighting

Each block door can be optionally equipped with the viewing window measuring 900 x 900 mm made of insulating safety glass. Optimum illumination is ensured in the chamber when the interior lighting is switched on. You can visually check your products at any time and react quickly if required.

Climate package

This type of unit provide an additional option, comprising the following components, for the fully climatic maturing and cold-smoking of sensitive raw and cooked sausage, and raw cured products:

  • Cooling evaporator
  • Fine moistening
  • Electric mini-heating
  • Extended controls with raw sausage interval
  • Circulation air motors controlled progressively using frequency converters

With the climate package, you can produce tasty and attractive products and make your REICH AIRMASTER® into an all-round talent for your company. In this way, the typical boiled and cooked sausages and cooked cured products can be produced during the day, and over night the thin raw sausages like "Landjäger" and "Rohpolnische" can be produced. The maturing, smoking and drying of thick raw sausages and raw ham take place over the weekend. A small addition with the climate package means absolute flexibility and a 100% use of your AIRMASTER® unit.

Lifting gate

The UK unit can be provided with a pneumatically driven lifting gate as an additional option. REICH is thereby reacting to the wishes and requirements of industrial companies. The advantages of such a solution in limited spaces are obvious.

Hanging track design

For loading with hanging trolleys, the unit is fitted with an integrated transport rail with stable holders. All parts are manufactured from solid chromium-nickel steel, mat. no. 1.4301.

Pump unit cleaning station

Cleaning station and pressurising pump for connecting the cleaning system to an AIRMASTER® unit:

  • Large cleaning container manufactured from solid chromium-nickel steel, mat. no. 1.4301
  • 200 or 330 litre capacity
  • Acid-resistant pressure increase pump with dry run protection
  • Automatic water supply with level control
  • Recommended for locally low or variable water pressure


Energy is a resource that is becoming increasingly expensive. Energy-saving and therefore environmentally friendly solutions are therefore more in demand than ever before. At REICH we have set ourselves the challenge. One result of this development is the REICH ECOMIZER. This modern fresh-air enthalpy system optimizes the drying of the product via the intake fresh air. A sensor constantly measures the climatic data of the external air and sends this to the controls. With suitable external air conditions, the cooling is only needed to temper the circulating air and no longer for drying. The REICH ECOMIZER thus provides a massive potential for saving energy.


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